Soviet Cleaning Kits and tools

Large range of cleaning kits and armourers tools are always kept in stock.


AK47 and AK74 kits


Please email with your requirements and I will see if i can help!


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Burst case extractors 


7.62x39 £10


12.7x108 £15


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DShK cleaning Rod £25


AKS74U cleaning Rod £10


RPG 7 Cleaning rod £25


PKM cleaning rod £20


SVD cleaning rod triangular £35


All Soviet pistol cleaning rods £7


PPSh 41 cleaning rod £8


PPSh Screwdriver £8


Small spanner £5


Nagant tools £4


AKm Cleaning rod £12


Black Oil bottles £1 each


Metal oil bottles £2.50


Hungarian AMD bottles (red and white) £1.50


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£8 each