Ukraine Aid

We have been providing humanitarian demining aid and equipment to Ukraine. Sales of items on this page go towards this work

Operation 2 Chav patches


The reason we use 2Chav to cover our work in Ukraine, we were driving in convoy in the dark on our way back to Kharkiv when my radio crackled into life with "there should be proper people doing this, men in white coats not two chavs from Medway"


The autobot transformers face is reference to 1986 Transformers film.


We quote this film way too much.


Like more than a healthy amount 


Way too much


Anyhow these are our team patches


The small ones are £5 the large one is £10 


Only 16 of the large ones were made!




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Ukraine hazard awareness cards


These are generation 2 card with QR code links to the Fenix insight website with further information on the munitions

Sales of these cards go toward distribution of more cards in Ukraine


£25 with UK post


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