CWC Armoury tour

This is the CWC Armoury All arms are incapable of discharging shot, bullet or missile and all munitions are free from explosives. The can be loaned out for film and TV, educational and training purposes.


The armoury contains 



Nagant M1895 Revolver 7.62x38R 1905

Nagant M1895 Revolver 7.62x38R 1945

Tokarev TT33 7.62x25 1945

Tokarev TT33 7.62x25 1951

Makarov PM 9x18 1975

PSM 5.45x18

MP446 Viking 9x19

SPSh-2 26mm flare 

Obrez Mosin Nagant 7.62x54R

Submachine guns


Chinese type 52 PPS43 7.62x25

Romanian Md52 PPSh-41 7.62.25

APS Stechkin 1954 9x18

PP19 Bizon 9x18

PP91 Kedr 9x18

Polish Radom PM63 RAK 1971 9x18

Yugoslavian M84 Skorpion 7.65x17



M91 Mosin nagant 1917 7.62x54R

M91/30 Mosin Nagant 1944 PU optic 7.62x54R

M38 Mosin Nagant carbine 1943 7.62x54R

M44 Mosin Nagant Carbine 1945 7.62x54R

Albanian M61 Mosin Nagant 1961 7.62x54R

SVT40 1942 7.62x54R

SKS 1956 7.62x39

SVD Dragunov 1985 7.62x54R

SVD Dragunov 2000 7.62x54R

AN94 Abakan/Nikonov 5.45x39

Czech VZ58 7.62x39

Israeli Micro Galil 5.56x45




IJ-58 Baikal 12 bore

IJ18E Molot 12 bore

IJ-18 Baikal 12 bore

AK pattern rifles 


All AKs are 7.62x39 unless otherwise stated



1950 Type 1

1949 Type 1 underfolder

1951 Type 2

1952 type2 underfolder

1957 Type 3

1958 Type 3 underfolder

1970 Tula AKMB PBS-1 moderator

1964 Izhmash AKM

1974 Izhmash AKM

1975 Izhmash AKMS

1994 Izhmash AK103

1970 Tula AKM fitted with a side flding stock Ukrainian conversion

1981 Izhmash AK74 5.45x39

1980 RPK74 Molot 5.45x39

1984 AKS74 5.45x39

2009 AKS74U Tula 5.45x39 original date removed and restamped

1988 AK74 Izhmash 5.45x39

AK74M Izhmash

2011 AK105 


Albanian ASh-78 1988


Bulgarian AKKS 1967 with chinese bayonet

Bulgarian SAR made for a Libyan contract 1994


Chinese Type 56 factory 26

Chinese 56-1 Factory 26

Chinese 56-1 Factory 66

Chinese 56-2 factory 386

Chinese 86S bullpup

Chinese Commercial RPK style "AK47S"


East German 1964 MPiKS

East German 1971 MPiKM

East German 1971 MPiKMS-1

East German 1985 MPiKMS-72

East German 1982 unknown SAR


Egyptian Maadi

Egyptian Maadi sidefolder


Finnish Valmet RK62 Sako 1982

Finnish Valmet M76 5.56x45


Hungarian AK55 cutaway

Hungarian SA85M commercial AK63F

Hungarian AMD65


Iraqi Tabuk underfolder 2 series 1986

Iraqi Tabuk underfolder 8 series original serial removed

Iraqi Tabuk Cutaway 7 series

Iraqi Al Quds underfolder 1987 dated 4 series

Iraqi long barrel commercial folding bayonet SA only 3 series 1989

Iraqi Tabuk SAR 2 series 1986

Iraqi chrome plated AK unknown origin


North Korean Type 58

North Korean Type 68

North Korean Type 68 underfolder


Polish PMK cutaway 1958

Polish PMKS 1960

Polish KGK WZ60 1963

Polish RWGL Tear gas launcher 1986

Polish PMKMS/ KBK AKMS 1980

Polish AWGL tear gas launcher


Romanian MD 63 G series 1982

Romanian SAR underfolder for a Libyan contract 1994

Romanian MD64 RPK 1989 dated

Romanian MD86 5.45x39 1994


Yugoslavian M70B1 1985 

Yugoslavian M72 early receiver

Yugoslavian M72B1

Yugoslavian M72AB1 1984

Yugoslavian M76 7.92x57



Machine guns


Maxim PM1910 7.62x54R 1943

DP 7.62x54R 1944

RP46 7.62x54R 1948

SG43 7.62x54R 1947

SGM 7.62x54R 1954

RPD 7.62x39 1953

PKM 7.62x54R 1977

 Chinese type 54 DShKM 12.7x108

Chinese KPV 14.5x114

YAKB 12.7x108 Hind D multi barrel machine gun

NS23 23x115 1948




GP-30 40mm under barrel grenade launcher

WZ74 Pallad 40x47 UGL


RPG-7 1965

RPG-7V 1981


Bulgarian RPG-22


Iraqi Al Nasirah

Polish LPO50 flame thrower

RPO Rys thermobaric

RPO-A Shmel Thermobaric

AGS-17 30x29 Belt fed grenade launcher

9M14P1 Malyutka NATO AT3 Sagger

9K111 Fagot NATO AT4 Spigot

9K113 Konkurs AT5 Spandrel

9K32 Strela-2 NATO SA7 Grail

B10 Recoiless rifle 82mm 

UB32 Rocket pod 57mm taken from a Hind D 



As well as the smallarms collection we also have accessories and other military equipment. Including optics, night vision, landmines, helmets, uniforms, body armour, grenades and other ordnance. We even have a helmet mounted radar for the 9K32 Strela surface to air missile launcher!



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